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The digital marketing world is an ever-evolving beast. Businesses must balance the constant stream of new technologies and evolving audience expectations, all while trying to stay ahead of the pack. 

What does that mean for 2023 content marketing strategies? This year is set to be one focused on privacy, personalisation and providing insightful, educational content. The push for diverse, equitable and inclusive marketing tactics remains strong. In essence, content marketing is a reflection of the world at large and it’s imperative your business keeps up. 

Here at INFIX we’ve done the research for you and have found four key trends to help your business excel in 2023. Let’s jump in!

4 ways to stay on the pulse in 2023

1. Gather first person data

Want bang for your buck in 2023? Focus on leveraging first person data.  

First person data is collected from direct interaction between you and your customer. Recording names and numbers? First person data. Collecting emails to send out a newsletter? First person data. 

Age, location, gender and occupation might seem like basic information, but it is key in creating an outstanding customer experience. Insights from first person data allows you to segment your audience and deliver personalised content. Tech startups can create an expansive customer database before they even launch just by setting up a ‘coming soon’ page recording a name and email. In turn, first-person data will help refine your content strategy to be more persuasive and increase conversion rates. 

2. Focus on email marketing

Though no longer the razzle dazzle of the content marketing sphere, email marketing deserves a place in your 2023 strategy

Email marketing remains a consistent front runner at driving conversions and generating revenue. The latest stats show email generates $42 for every $1 spent. If you can show us a better return on investment from another marketing strategy, we’re all ears! Email is a key lead generator for marketers. It’s also an excellent source of first party data, helping to inform your content strategy dependent on current consumer behaviour. 

The key factors to a successful email campaign are consistency and personality. Make your audience excited to engage with your content. Build expectations by landing it in their inbox at the same time, on the same day, every week. Most importantly – forefront your point of difference. Why will your tech startup be a success? Harness that power and ensure your emails stand out from the crowd. 

3. Authentic long-form content remains popular

Long-form content that provides customers with actionable value should remain top of mind in 2023. Creating long-form content positions your brand as a thought leader. This helps build authority and increases the likelihood of consumers returning to your site first when they have a question. Providing insight is particularly important for tech startups to prove they’re knowledgeable of the market and up to date with the latest trends. Long-form content will help build brand awareness and trust. 

When creating long-form content, think about helping your customers rather than selling them. It could be a blog (like this one!) helping them to better understand your industry, a case-study to showcase your service in action or thought leadership articles that resonate with your audience. The best part is, you can outsource your long-form content to our team of copywriters to ensure it’s clear and consistent. 

Remember – simply creating long-form content will not boost your business. It must be engaging, authentic to your brand and provide value to be successful. 

4. Diversity, equity and inclusion are the norm

Over recent years, a lot of onus has been placed on businesses to transform their policies and recruiting practices to forefront diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI). In 2023, expect this onus to shift onto digital marketing. 

Your audience wants to see content that reflects both them and the world at large. This means including models of diverse cultures, genders and age in your shoots and using language that is all-encompassing and void of discriminatory language.Tapping into this trend to create relevant and poignant content will enhance your brand perception and increase loyalty.

With the push for better DEI in content marketing coming from young audiences, it looks like this trend is here to stay – and so it should be. 

Daunted by keeping up with the content trends in 2023? Let the team at INFIX help. Experts in copywriting, content marketing and website development, we can help your brand make a lasting impression. Book a complimentary 15-minute discovery call today.

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