So, what’s a copywriter?


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What is a copywriter?

Commonly mixed up with the lawyers juggling intellectual properties and copyrights, copywriters are actually verbal artisans who most commonly compose the text implemented in the many avenues of advertising and marketing. 

The best copywriters bridge the gap between the offering and the audience, presenting a communicative olive branch that builds trust, knowledge and a sense of symbiotic success. Their words are clear, compelling and engaging.

The result?

  • Reflects your brand voice across all touch points
  • Allows customers to find you
  • Builds trust and understanding 
  • Strong business to consumer (B2C) and business to business (B2B) relationships

With a huge scope of expertise, copywriters have been in high-demand since their birth during the advent of visual advertising and newspapers some multiple centuries ago. Are they still relevant today? Let’s dive into a few modern specialities of a copywriter and how they can bolster the success of your business today.

3 ways a copywriter can help your business

In the internet and social media age, the need for clear and consistent communication has only increased. There are now so many different communicative avenues your business should be across to offer an all-encompassing presence that caters to your desired audiences and even prospective ones. A good copywriter allows your unique brand voice and positioning to be front-and-centre throughout them all.

1. Website copy

I’m sure we’ll all come across a website at some point with typos and a slew of obscuring information – that’s what a copywriter works to avoid. They know that without a clear, professional and navigable website, the success of your business can be severely diminished. 

A website that stands out is one that offers clear, credible and compelling information that is vital to its consumers. It’s one that showcases what the business offers or is capable of, noting why it’s necessary, trustworthy and different from its competitors. Your website is your audience’s greatest resource for reliable and quality information.

A copywriter is able to translate the story, idea, image and desire of your business into words for your website. Across a website’s multiple pages, they’ll inject character, intent and allow your audiences to learn and become engaged with your offerings. Not only that, a great copywriter will align website text with current online search trends in a process called search engine optimisation (SEO) so the searches of potential customers will lead to your business.

The team here at INFIX Creative Studio has been lucky enough to work with hundreds of companies within Australia and abroad to uplift their website copy. Recently, we joined forces with Simtech, a company innovating with LED signage, to breathe new life into their expansive 15 page website. Our copywriters worked closely with the entire Simtech team to produce an experiential online destination that beautifully spoke for their unique offerings and point of difference, writing for SEO throughout.

2. Social media copy

With more than half the population of the world now using social media with an average of 2.5 hours spent in the virtual world every day, its communicative opportunity for business cannot be understated. To save writing an endless article highlighting its exhaustive benefits, here are some key points regarding the power it holds:

  • Increases brand awareness
  • Allows blacklinks to websites
  • Humanises brands
  • Promotes content, news and other marketing collateral
  • Showcases real-life uses of products and services
  • Opens a intimate communicative pathway between brand and consumer 
  • Educates audiences with bite-sized information
  • Opportunities in paid ad services

Copywriters can proficiently scale a business’ messages, offerings and ideas into the realm of social media, all while retaining a distinctive and recognisable brand voice. Across Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn (to name a few), they are able to write powerful captions and posts that say a lot with a little, playing to the shorter attention spans synonymous with the media. It’s all about creating consistent content that engages audiences at merely a swipe, drawing them in for a closer look.

INFIX Creative Studio has proudly been onboard the ExtrasJar train since well before launch, a company revolutionising insurance for the greater good of you and I. Alongside website copy, blog content and email marketing, we also took their left-field vision to Instagram and Facebook. From caption writing to an expansive content calendar, ExtrasJar now has a steadfast social media foothold that speaks for incredible offering and allows potential customers to reach out as they require.

3. Blog copy

Looking to increase your company’s visibility and credibility? Well, the maintenance of a blog on your website is a surefire way to do just that. 

Blogs are a phenomenal resource for any website, boosting a business’ position as an industry figurehead by providing information and insights relevant to your offering and contributing an educational way for audiences to connect with the answers to their pressing questions. They show that you know what you’re talking about and help foster a relationship with customers that is built on knowledge and experience.

  • Too much info for a website page? – Blog
  • Some news that’s relevant to your audiences? – Blog
  • Minor changes to your offering? – Blog
  • Ready to answer your most frequently answered questions? – Blog
  • Want to highlight how your offering can benefit a very specific part of your audience? – Blog

A valuable backlog of blogs helps customers at any point of your brand’s journey, with each post able to be drawn upon at any time. Not only that, you’ll improve your website’s search visibility

Ready to ignite your word game and reap the benefits?

The passionate team of copywriters here at INFIX Creative Studio is ready to translate your unique and inspiring vision into a powerful display of words. Whether you’re looking for website copy, social media content, blog posts, email marketing, script writing or even a complete marketing strategy, book in your complimentary consultation today and watch your words drive business success tomorrow.

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