How rebranding a business works


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While the reality of rebranding a business isn’t as simple as a makeover montage from a nostalgic rom-com, it’s just as fun. 

‘Rebranding’ is the buzzword on the tips of marketing professionals’ tongues, but what does rebranding a business actually mean? As experts in developing and implementing marketing strategies, we find that many business owners come into consultations with important questions about what it takes to transform their brand.

Branding is all about shaping how audiences perceive your business. Through strategic communication and design, a successful brand strategy ensures your target customer base connects with your brand in a positive way. 

So, rebranding is a strategy focused on changing your existing branding to evolve the public perception of your business. From internal organisational shifts to external market changes, the ability to adapt is essential for sustaining a successful business.

Whether you want to adjust your brand identity or completely reimagine it, keep reading to get the rundown on rebranding a business. 

Find your why 

So, how do you know it’s time to give your current marketing approach the ‘it’s not you, it’s me’ speech, and move on with a shiny new rebrand? 

A common misconception about rebranding a business is that it usually happens in response to a reputation-damaging crisis. However, there are many factors that can ignite the need for an improved marketing strategy, and the trick to successful rebranding is to have a good reason. 

By identifying what needs to change about your current branding, you can create a cohesive, results-driven strategy that aligns with organisational goals. 

Here are some reasons why your business may need a rebrand: 

The core of your business has changed 

To connect with customers, your business’s public presence has to be authentic. So if central brand identity factors like your mission, vision and values have changed, your branding should too. 

Outgrowing old branding  

Maybe you’re adding to your services, expanding to overseas markets, or need to modernise an outdated logo. If your business is anticipating significant growth, you may need to update your branding to adapt to your new customer base. 

Cutting out competition 

If you’re navigating raising capital in an over-saturated market, shifting your branding to highlight your unique competitive advantage encourages customers to choose your business over your competitors.

Create a rebranding strategy   

Once you’re figured out the goal of your rebrand, it’s time to plan how to bring the desired look and feel of your new brand to life. A professional rebranding strategy will conduct in-depth research to optimise the performance of your new brand. 

Elements of you rebrand strategy may include changes to:

Brand personality

Your brand personality is the human qualities in your branding that affect how customers feel about your brand. By considering traits like tone of voice, rebranding will boost your messaging by forming strong, emotional connections with target audiences. 

When our team developed a marketing strategy for Good Design Australia (GDA), we developed tone of voice guidelines that took the brand into the future while elevating their presence as an established industry leader. Through active words and concise sentence structure, written content instils confidence in GDA’s unwavering commitment to innovation. 

Online presence

Your rebranding strategy will elevate the way your brand comes across online. From refreshing your website copy to cranking out cool social media content, updating the way your brand uses online platforms can be a marketing game changer.

Get a new look 

Appearance is a big part of your brand identity, which is why the word ‘rebranding’ conjures images of new packaging and modern aesthetics. 

The scope of your rebrand will likely align with how drastic these visual changes are. Brands seeking subtle improvements may want a few logo tweaks, while large-scale projects may want a totally new look across the board. Here are some visual assets that may be restyled during rebranding: 

  • Logo 
  • Colour palette
  • Font 
  • Graphic design

Launching your rebrand 

Rebranding a business has the power to achieve lasting success, but switching things up always runs the risk of affecting relationships with existing customers. 

Inconsistency in branding can affect brand trust and customer relationships. To avoid a brand identity crisis and prove that your new vibe is ‘not just a phase’, launch your rebrand in a cohesive way. 

Through strategic content like educational emails and anticipation-building Instagram posts, you can ensure your audience’s experience with the transition is seamless and exciting. 

A rebrand is also a fun way to attract the attention of potential customers. As visits to your new and improved websites spike, use tactics like discount codes to increase conversions and capture leads.  

For example, we launched ExtrasJar’s brand through email marketing, national news coverage and social media strategy. The project resulted in a stunning website that achieved a 157% increase in engagement during launch week.

Our team of brand strategists are ready to rebrand your business.

We use strategy, content writing, and website development to tell the story of your brand. Whether you’re ready for a large-scale transformation or taking the first step in marketing your start-up, our approach is designed to make an impact. 

Book a free 15-minute consultation today to discover your brand’s untapped potential.

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