The Scope:

Brand story, Website copy, Product descriptions

The Brief:

With a passion for both fitness and fashion, FYNITE’s founder set out to bridge the gap between the two and create a community for those striving to be something bigger than themselves. Fuelled by the experiences of 2020 and determined to make a real change in the world, FYNITE was born.

After seeing the passion and dedication being poured into this brand, we couldn’t help but jump on board too. Our brief was to invite people across the globe to join the revolution and discover the confidence that comes with wearing FYNITE.

To reflect the core of FYNITE’s existence, we created a brand voice filled with optimism, excitement and wonder. The branding guidelines saw the company speak with inspiration and certainty across web and social content, while still clearly identifying the brand’s offering. When combined with the punchy and bold product descriptions, the new FYNITE website was an absolute hit from the get-go.


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