Traditional industries face significant challenges in the online paradigm. In-line with modern business, INFIX navigates the complexities and opportunities of the digital era.

Design thinking is integral to the development of a powerful brand strategy. They emphasise empathy, creativity and a user-centric mindset that builds resonant brands.

An effective CX strategy is the key to standing out from your competition in the digital age. Dive in to learn more about this modern business tactic.

Ready for a marketing refresh? Read our experts guide to learn everything you need to know about rebranding a business.

A capability statement is a crucial marketing, differentiation, trust-building and communicative tool for business of all industries. But why?

What you need to know and how you can define yours.

Will ChatGPT take over copywriters? It’s the question on everyone’s tongue in 2023.

With every new year comes new avenues and expectations for content marketing.

Is your website, social media or email content not connecting or reaching your target audiences?

Words or intellectual property? Let’s clear up the many misconceptions surrounding the roles and responsibilities of a copywriter and find out exactly what they do.

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