The importance of a business capability statement


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The modern business landscape is a competitive one, with established organisations and startups alike vying for a strong and distinctive market presence. Those who stand out from the rest usually have one thing in common: their strengths and capabilities are powerfully conveyed. That’s where the importance of a business capability statement is truly realised.

A capability statement is a shareable document that acts as a professional introduction to a business’ expertise, values, accomplishments and unique selling points (USPs). The most effective are concise and compelling, enabling organisations to make lasting impressions on stakeholders and markets with a mere snapshot of their capabilities.

Read on to understand why a well-crafted capability statement will uplift your business to new heights, and how INFIX can help it get there.

How can a capability statement benefit your business?

A clear, concise and authentic capability statement can powerfully convey what a business is, where they came from, showcase products, services and case studies, articulate USPs and prove their relevance. This helps businesses:

  • Offer a professional introduction

More than a brief dot-point overview, a capability statement acts as a professional introduction to any business. Whether it’s emailed, downloaded or a physical document, they are commonly designed publications capturing a comprehensive and compelling snapshot of a company. A well-crafted capability statement offers potential clients, partners and stakeholders everything they need to know about a business and what they offer.

  • Uplift branding and marketing

A capability statement can be seen as an effective marketing and promotional tool. That’s because it’s essentially an audience-facing advertising document. Just like traditional print and digital marketing, capabilities statements showcase strengths, accomplishments and key differentiators to foster positive impressions. Just imagine it as a powerful sales tool at a networking event, conference or business meeting for example. It offers a clear representation of what a company is all about wrapped up in one, easy to navigate place for any passerby to grasp.

  • Earn a competitive advantage

Because it’s such a versatile communication of a company’s USPs, expertise and track record, a capability statement can give businesses a competitive edge. Being able to present one at speed can be vital to secure contracts, win bids and showcase relevance in a fast-paced and competitive market.

  • Establish credibility and trust

A capability statement demonstrates that a business is professional, experienced and well-prepared to meet opportunities. It can provide information regarding qualifications, certifications and awards, all while being buffed out with client testimonials. With the inclusion of a mission statement, company values and some history, businesses can reinforce their reputation and instil further confidence in potential stakeholders. 

  • Streamline communication

Imagine if you could condense days of email and phone communications into a concise document. With a capability statement, you can! By providing a comprehensive overview of a business’ capabilities in one place, it saves time for both for all parties, making suitability evaluations quick, clear and authentic.

The essential parts of a capability statement

While capability statements are usually tailored, page-by-page, to suit the business, they all follow a similar structure. This is so the most important information is front-and-centre and easily understood.

Here is a common flow for a well-crafted capability statement:

  1. Intro – Who are they?
  2. Values – What did they stand for?
  3. History – How did they come to be?
  4. Products or services – What do they offer?
  5. Portfolio – What’s the proof?
  6. Contact – How do they get in contact?

It may seem simple on paper, though many companies look to copywriting firms such as INFIX to craft a capability statement that concisely and authentically captures what they’re all about. This way, they connect with an indispensable, professionally-written asset that helps position their business skyward in today’s dynamic and competitive marketplace. 

Reach out to INFIX Creative Studio today to organise a free consultation and set your sights on future achievement.

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