1. To impress firmly into the consciousness
infix studio
We are the storytellers

At the core of every success story is an INFIX – a moment, experience or belief that forges the pathway forward. We’re here to uncover that spark and extract the nuances that define it.

It’s how we create impact beyond the imaginable.


Our work

Good Design Australia

Champions design that can lead a brighter, safer and more prosperous future for all.


Revolutionising the vehicle transport industry with innovative management solutions.


Redefining the way Aussies take control of their health and finances through insurance.


An Australian not-for-profit empowering the medical space with big data analytics and artificial intelligence.

A global footprint

The stories we tell are unbound by borders, uniting brands, people and visions around the world. INFIX is here for tech startups, creative innovators, industry giants and everyone in between. 

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Inspiration, insights, ideas and more from the INFIX crew.

Building Organic Foundations Before Paid Marketing: Why It Matters

Startup Branding Lessons From Run Clubs

Why are run clubs so successful? Build an engaged community with startup branding lessons from the growth of Soso’s Run Club.

Balancing Business Opportunity and Brand Authenticity

The pursuit of brand growth often intersects with the quest for authenticity. Discover strategies to capitalise on opportunities without compromising your brand’s essence.

Digital Transformation within Traditional Industries

Traditional industries face significant challenges in the online paradigm. In-line with modern business, INFIX navigates the complexities and opportunities of the digital era.

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